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Housing Market Positioned to Bring the Economy Back to Normal

Housing Market

All eyes are watching the American economy. As our economy goes, so does the world economy. With states beginning to reopen, the common question is: which sectors of the economy will drive its recovery? There seems to be a growing consensus that the housing market is positioned to be that driving force, the tailwind that is … Continued

Should You Buy A Home During COVID-19?

Should you be making the biggest investment in your life in this time of economic uncertainty? See La Mesa Homes For Sale It’s easy to look with doom and gloom at the time of COVID-19 situation, but does this spell doom for the real estate market? The government has requested that the market effectively shut … Continued

Riding a Tandem Bike

Riding a Tandem Bike A couple of weekends ago I traveled across the bridge to Coronado to meet some friends for lunch. After lunch, we went for a walk down by the Ferry Landing. It was a beautiful sunny day and there were tons of people around enjoying the day. As we walked, we watched … Continued

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