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New Index Reveals Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate

New Index Reveals Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate

New Index Reveals Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate! Earlier this month, announced the release of their initial Housing Recovery Index, a weekly guide showing how the pandemic has impacted the residential real estate market. The index leverages a weighted average of four key components of the housing industry, tracking each of the following: Housing Demand – … Continued

When Is The Economy Going to Recover?

When is the economy going to recover? This is a question we gotten from the community several times. What’s going to happen to our economy here in San Diego County and more specifically, La Mesa and East San Diego County. As always, I like to look at what the experts are saying, especially about things … Continued

A Tale of Two Zip Codes: 92115 vs 91942


For this week’s “A Tale of Two Zip Codes”, let me share with you the difference between 92115 – a mid-city urban part of San Diego and 91942 – a suburban zip code in La Mesa, California. See “A Tale of Two Zip Codes: 91941 vs 91942”                     … Continued

Should You Buy A Home During COVID-19?

Should you be making the biggest investment in your life in this time of economic uncertainty? See La Mesa Homes For Sale It’s easy to look with doom and gloom at the time of COVID-19 situation, but does this spell doom for the real estate market? The government has requested that the market effectively shut … Continued

How To Price Your Home

How to price your home? How do you determine what your house is worth? If you’re considering selling and aren’t sure how to price it, then reading this will help. I have been personally buying and selling homes in San Diego since 1985 and I’m a full-time realtor for the past 10 years, so I … Continued

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