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Whether selling or buying-you can’t go wrong with Maggie!

Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2019 in Northwest, Chula Vista, CA.

BOTTOM LINE: Whether selling or buying-you can’t go wrong with Maggie!

Our home buying experience was so great that when were ready to sell, we only had one phone call to make: to Maggie! We received multiple offers and sold our house for top dollar, when we returned to the area several years  later in search of another house, you can bet Maggie was on speed dial.

What makes Maggie so great?

-She asks what the buyers want and finds it! She wants the home to be right for the buyer, and will go the extra mile to show as many houses that are needed to find the right fit. (She didn’t try to get us to go above our stated budget or outside our desired location)

-She knows the area very well and able to talk about different neighborhoods and their overall “feel”

-She is willing to spend the time to find the right house-even when our “must haves” for the house changed, she kept searching for places that would meet our needs.

-She understands what the market can support with respect pricing and offers and counter offers

-She was there right along with the home inspector when we could not be there and was able to provide perspective on any issues that might need to be resolved prior to purchase.

-She understands the entire home buying process and able to explain the logistics to new buyers so they feel at ease.

-She goes above and beyond after a sale is compete. We were not in the state for 6 weeks before we could take possession of our new home and she went out of her way to make sure the property was secure and even watered our trees and plants without being asked.

-She was fantastic in maximizing our time. She had several homes lined up in one day and we were able to make sure we used our time efficiently, she also had print outs of the information for each home that we could use to take notes and help organize our thoughts on each place to better remember which house was which.

Selling our home:

-She has a great grasp on the market and advertising. She built up momentum and interest in the property prior to the sell and we ended up getting several offers above list price!

-She helped with staging and photos to ensure our home looked professional and showed off it’s best attributes. She took the time to note all the upgrades and any improvements we made so we would get top dollar and ensured the listing information was accurate.

-She checked on our home after we left the country prior to the sell and was there every step of the way. What are you waiting on? CALL MAGGIE!!!

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