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“Why? Why are you doing that?”

  “Why? Why are you doing that?” Here we are, our 2nd week into 2019 and I have heard this question about 4 or 5 times already. Again, as I was talking to my escrow rep and mentioned that I was changing my business model to a 1.5% Listing Fee. She replied, “Why? That will … Continued

We Will Sell Your Home For 1.5% Listing Fee!

  “We Will Sell Your Home For 1.5% . . .” There was a beautiful breeze as we sat at the beach side grill on Christmas day. It had been years since I have visited the island of Maui and now as I looked out over the beach a thought ran thru my head, “I … Continued

Prepping Is A Pain

ARTICLE BY: Maggie Clemens “Prepping is a pain . . .” The other day I was helping my sister paint the cabinets in her new home. They were a dark color and she wanted them white. We knew it was going to be a project, we just didn’t realize how much of a project. As … Continued


ARTICLE BY: Maggie Clemens   “Yes, it is . . .” The year was 1985, I was 25 years old and all sorts of cocky! It was the year I bought my first property. A 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo in North Park. It was brand new and beautiful. It cost just under $100K and … Continued

Is The Housing Bubble About to Burst Again?

ARTICLE BY: Maggie Clemens   Is The Housing Bubble About to Burst Again?? This is a question I am getting more frequently now as headlines boldly declare that housing sales are down. There is speculation that we are in another housing bubble which is ready to burst. The key word being “speculation.” Let’s look at … Continued

You’re The Boss

ARTICLE BY: Maggie Clemens You’re the Boss! Without exception, every home seller will say that they want to make as much money as they can on the sale of their home. Yet many will end up losing hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars! Worse yet . . . most don’t even know they’ve lost it. … Continued

No One Is Average

ARTICLE BY: Maggie Clemens No one is average . . . The other day I was listening to a Seth Godin podcast titled “I see you.” He told a story of the Air Force in the 1950s. Apparently, it was not a good time to be a pilot. There were many lives and planes that … Continued

I Don’t Know

ARTICLE BY: Maggie Clemens “I don’t know . . .” Well, it’s that time again. My lease is coming up on my car and I’m out shopping for a new one. As most of you know, I spent almost 25 years in car sales. For at least the last 20 years I have leased my … Continued

Our Shifting Market

ARTICLE BY: Maggie Clemens The Sky is Falling . . . The Sky is Falling . . . Just like the fairy tale, there are many local agents crying that the sky is falling on the real estate market in San Diego. That is just not true at this point in time. Unfortunately, there are … Continued

The Proof is in the Toilet


ARTICLE BY: Maggie Clemens One of the things I like about real estate is that I learn something new every day. Yesterday I learned the truth about toilets. It all happened at a listing I have in La Mesa.  I was there with a housecleaner getting the home ready for our open house this weekend.  … Continued

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