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What If? – EVERYTHING You’ve Ever Been Told
About Selling Real Estate

(Especially by a Real Estate Agent)

….is WRONG?

Fact is, most people don’t trust real estate agents, and rightfully so. Each day I see the horror stories that agents cause. I see the frustration that homeowners experience. I see the incompetence. I see the unnecessary price-reductions. I see the poor negotiations. I see the backroom deals that agents do to guarantee themselves a commission check. And the lost profit, your money, I see that too—sometimes to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars that, rightfully, you deserve to keep.

In short, I have seen the traditional real estate approach disappoint (and frustrate) many homeowners.

I have been doing a lot of work recently, on what I think is a very interesting idea, if you are looking to extract more profit from the sale of your home.  I have been studying the World’s greatest investor, Warren Buffet, and his investment philosophy, to develop a unique approach to selling our clients homes.

This is what I have discovered; by treating your home as an investment, like a business with a “stock”-price, and by taking a Value-Driven Approach as opposed to the price-driven approach there is a unique way to extract up to $30,000 or more of additional profit from any home on the market.

The only protection from Real Estate Greed is to know how to “play the game” as well, if not better, than those guilty of it. So, I wrote a book to level the playing field.  Anyone who reads this book will love it. Their eyes will be opened to the reality of real estate. They will learn the truth.

Don’t be one of the hundreds who end up saying, “I wish someone would have told me that.” There are a lot of things you can’t control —the housing market, interest rates, the mortgage and lending requirements—but what you CAN control CAN make all the difference to how much extra profit you collect from the sale of your home.

Real Estate Greed is real. It puts you at risk. The Warren Buffett Approach To Sell Real Estate will soon be viewed and accepted as the industry standard to maximize profit, and to guarantee diversion from the typical real estate-related horror story.

Our Approach

If you are curious about our approach … about how our clients are getting such superior results with their home sales … or simply interested in educating yourself on the topic of Real Estate Greed, call us today at 619-303-3193 or send an email to Let’s talk.

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