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Mt Helix Real Estate Listings & Homes For Sale


Mt. Helix Park is considered the “Crown Jewel of East County,” according to the Mt. Helix Park Organization. For a complete history of Mt. Helix Park please visit their website.

Unique custom homes line the streets up and down the area. Some are referred to as Hill Homes. Hill Homes are those homes that after entering the entry level will go up or down the hill depending on which side of the street the home is on. Many hill homes have large lots and depending on the slope, are not always all useable. 

Not all homes are sewer connected, many Mt. Helix Homes are on a septic system. Septic Systems can require extra maintenance and must be inspected prior to close of escrow on a property. While most septic systems on Mt. Helix are routinely inspected, they do require extra service. So, one of the first question you may want to ask when considering a Home For Sale on Mt. Helix is does it have a septic tank or is it sewer connected. 

Another thing that should be taken into consideration when looking at any of the beautiful Mount Helix homes is cell phone service. Check with your cell phone service and ask if there have been any complaints with dropped calls around Mt. Helix. The hill and rocks do get in the way. It may not be a problem with your service, but it is better to know before you move into your new home. 

The Mt. Helix neighborhood encompasses over 7,000 single family homes with a population of approx. 20,000 people. The area includes properties located within the borders east of Bancroft St, North of SR94,  South of Interstate 8, and west of Avocado Avenue. It includes the smaller communities of Grossmont, Casa de Oro, Fuerte Farms and part of Spring Valley. 


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