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The City of La Mesa Doesn’t Want Your Poop!


This morning as I was walking my dog we walked past the water pump “house” on Bancroft.¬† I was amazed by how much dog poop there was and I can tell you for sure that the City of La Mesa Doesn’t Want Your Poop!

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As a dog owner, it amazes me when I take Sam (my Goldendoodle) out for a walk and I see so much poop just left there for someone else to pick up.  Really?  It was/is our decision to own a dog and therefore our responsibility to pick up after our own dogs.

I think that most dog owners are pretty good about it when it comes to someone’s yard, but for some reason think differently when it comes to land owned by the City of La Mesa, or just other companies in general.¬† It is as if, when it comes to business properties some dog owners just figure that they have employees that will take care of it.


The last time I traveled my nephew took care of my dog.¬† He has two Chihuahuas’ but when it came to picking up my 70 lb dogs poop he was a little freaked out about it.¬† But guess what?¬† He did,¬†because that is part of taking care of someone else’s dog too.

I am a member of the Nextdoor (Lemon) site and many times I have read complaints about dog owners not picking up after their own pets.¬† I don’t blame them.¬† I am a dog owner and more than happy to clean up after them, but I don’t like picking up after other peoples pets either.¬† If it is that difficult for pet owners to pick up after their own pets, guess what – it is much more difficult to pick up after a pet that is not yours.

Please . . . pick up after your pet!¬† Our neighbors don’t want it, the water district doesn’t want it, and the City of La Mesa doesn’t want your Poop either!

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