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What’s happening in our real estate market? That’s the question of the hour.

Well, first off let me just start off by saying that I am just reporting what analysts and real estate experts across the nation are predicting. I personally nor anyone else can control or predict what will actually happen.

But, according to Goldman Sacks, Jp Morgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and several other analysts, they are predicting economic growth in the third quarter ranging from 15 to 25%.

A graph statistic from Opportunity Insights shows that most businesses ranging from health care to transportation, all had a decline in consumer spending in the first half of the year with the exception of groceries, which actually went up. 

So, its good news that their predictions from the analysts are that we will see progress in the Real Estate Market in the third quarter as compared to the first half of the year. In fact, according to Lisa Shalett the Chief Investment Officer of Morgan Stanley, she states and I quote, “Indeed, the worst ever GDP reading could be followed by the best ever growth in the third quarter.”

We are starting to see a rebound. Small businesses obviously have been impacted due to the stresses and issues that are happening across the globe. But how has this impacted the real estate market nationally?

Well, I’m going to show you a few quotes from several economists and real estate analysts regarding the recovery of the housing market/real estate market and it’s very interesting, it almost reads like a movie trailer. – “Astonishing Rebound.”
Housing Wire – “Shockingly Strong.”
ATTOM Data Solutions – “Pulled something of a high-wire act in the second quarter.”
Zillow – “Stared the pandemic right in the eye and hasn’t blinked.”

So it seems that housing may play a critical role in the recovery. Since about the middle of May the weekly showings of housing show people are out in full force looking at homes across the nation. People are out looking now more than they have been throughout the entire year.

According to the National Association of Realtors, the Housing Market Index looks into four things, Demand, Supply, Price and Time on the Market. It combines those together and creates an index, and (refer to index) we saw a rise and a dip down, and now we are above what we were in February of this year, so it shows that we are recovering strongly.




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So the question is, what’s going to happen w/ pricing. What should you do? Well, continue watching and we’ll get more into the details on that in the next video. I will be keeping you informed on our market.

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