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La Mesa Historical Home Tour

The day was beautiful, there was chatter amongst those of us waiting for the tour bus to arrive about the possibility of rain today. Looks like there will be no rain for us today. Another beautiful fall day in La Mesa.  La Mesa Historical Home Tour

This is the 12th Annual La Mesa Historical Home Tour hosted by the La Mesa Historical Society. It is my third tour. The history of La Mesa is rich with local lore, and it begins with the homes. I just love looking at the homes in La Mesa, you never really know what you are going to walk into. Mid- Century Modern, Cape Cod, Colonial Revival or Contemporary Mediterranean.

This year the tour took us to the La Mesa Highlands. This is the area west of 125, south of Lemon and along 94 on the south side. I am not certain of the west border so I will look it up for you.

According to the brochure for the 12th Annual La Mesa Historical Tour brochure, there are actually two tracts; the 1928 La Mesa Highlands tract and the 1927 Boulder Heights subdivision.

The roads are windy as they wrap around the hills, there are few sidewalks and the homes are eclectic all of which make the La Mesa Highlands one of “the City’s best-kept homeland secrets.”

There were 7 homes on the tour:

  1. The Lathrop House – built in 1952, built by Carl Peterson
  2. The Cunningham House – built in 1948, built by Dennstedt and Landt Company
  3. The Weatherell House – built in 1955, Architect C.J. Paderewski
  4. The Wurzberger House – built in 1942, an Original Dennstedt Company
  5. The Young House – built in 1946, Louis Moisan was the builder
  6. The Drew House – built in 1959, built by George Eckel
  7. The Savage/Heimburge Estate – built in 1936/45, original owner Harry “Hugh” Young,reconstruct by local contractor E.J. Dunn

The La Mesa Highlands is a great neighborhood, and hats off to the La Mesa Historical Society for another great job organizing the 12th Annual La Mesa Historical Home Tour.

Homes Located in the La Mesa Highlands

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