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Client Name: Katie W.

Flexibility Was Her Goal . . .

Life can be unpredictable. It is always best to try to be ahead of that unpredictability. Here is one clients’ solution.

This was my 3rd transaction with Katie. I have learned a lot about her and her goals from the first two. She is a forward thinker. She keeps her eyes on the market and is flexible enough to make a move if the situation warrants it.

She has learned how to harness the power of real estate and use it to increase her personal wealth.

I was first introduced to Katie by my long-time friend Morgan. At that first meeting, I learned that Katie, a recent transplant from Florida was looking to purchase a condo in the North Park area. Not knowing a lot of people in San Diego she began working with a part-time agent in her office.

Due to her work and family commitments this agent wasn’t available or as flexible as Katie needed her to be. In 2012, the market was still very depressed as it still struggled to recover from the worst financial crisis our country had ever seen. Inventory was low and there was a lot of competition from other buyers hoping the end was near.

We all met for breakfast and I got to know Katie and what she wanted to accomplish.

There is a great story behind the condo we found and she purchased back in 2012 but I’ll save that for another day.

When I first met her, she wanted to get into the real estate market and build equity. Which we have done with that first condo. After a few years, she converted that unit into a rental with positive cash flow and we found her a great townhome in Oceanside.

Now after building equity again, she was looking for flexibility this time around.

Her first challenge was mindset, she knew it would be an adjustment to go back to living in a rental again. There is much more freedom when you have your own place. Especially with a dog.

She decided to make that adjustment to keep her options open. With a possible promotion and/or transfer in her future she wanted to keep all of her options open and have the cash in the bank to take advantage of any opportunities that arose.

Keeping the first condo as a rental we discussed selling the Oceanside townhome. When she purchased it almost 4 years ago, it had just been flipped and in really good updated condition. Which was part of the appeal. She would just have to keep it up rather than spend time and money on updating it.

Settling on a price was not as easy

After visiting other units for sale, and reviewing their price and condition we felt that it would sell between $330,000 and $350,000. We came on market at $340,000.

We went thru it, room by room using our Property Diagnosis Report. We came up with easy ideas to increase the value and increase appeal to a wide range of buyers. All costing under $500 total.

Once these were completed, Professional Photos were taken and we initiated our proprietary marketing system to begin cultivating interest even before it came on the market.

We garnered several interested parties at our one open house, 12 showings and 21 days later we received an offer at $330K.

Katie was smart about the offer, we could have held out but with no guarantee of a higher or more qualified offer. These buyers were pre-approved, cross qualified with our lender and solid. We got them up to our bottom line of $330k and opened a 29-day escrow.

Having a system to follow made the whole process smoother. We all knew what our job was and what the next step was, which made the entire transaction seamless from start to finish.

It takes the photographer, my assistant Renee for handling the paperwork and a great escrow team and title team to work together to make it a smooth process. There are a lot of moving pieces in any real estate transaction, having a team that works well together is essential.

Client’s Comments: 

“I’ve known Maggie Clemens for 8 years. I’ve bought & sold several properties in California using Maggie Clemens as my realtor. Maggie has consistently been professional, responsive and makes herself available, honest, provides answers to my questions, and she an excellent listener. She has an understanding of today’s real estate market and knows how to position opportunities to optimize benefits. Maggie also has a great support team who is excellent with following up on tasks and making sure all documentation is accurate and complete. Maggie and her team help make buying & selling properties easy, fun, and profitable! I highly recommend using her and her services on your next transaction.”  ~Katie W.

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