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What would you give up??

The other day I was reading the latest issue of the AARP Bulletin. Yes, I am a member and I really like the magazine. It is filled with many helpful tips.

In the latest issue, there was a little tidbit that I found interesting. It caught my attention because in large bold letters it said DREAM HOME.

It stated that Unison, a co-investment company asked 500 millennials what they would give up for their dream home? More specifically, what sacrifices they would make to attain that goal?

The answers that these 23 – 38-year-olds gave are interesting and humorous:

29% said they would give up their iPhone

9% said they would leave their partner

25% said they would go to jail for a week and

16% said they would give up sex for 5 years

Well . . .

I am here to tell you that there are easier ways to get your Dream Home.

There are so many options available that I can’t list them all here. But if you are looking for your dream home please call me to discuss your options before you give up your phone or go to jail for a week.

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