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The Future Is Here

Future is here


Article By: Maggie Clemens

When I was a teenager, I remember my mom saying “the older you get the faster time flies.”  I didn’t really understand what she meant at the time.  But now I realize how quickly the future is here.

The other day I was talking with a colleague about how the movies seem to be great predictors of the future.  One example I mentioned was the movie “Total Recall” with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In the movie, as Arnolds character arrives at the human outpost on the planet Mars he must first walk thru “airport” security.  All new arrivals are required to walk thru a large machine that shows an image of the person without clothing.  The security personnel basically sees a walking skeleton, but it also allows them to see if anyone is carrying any unauthorized contraband or weapons.

The current security systems at our airports today are much like that x-ray type machine in the movie.  A movie scriptwriter imagined this machine for a sci-fi movie and now it is our reality.

Many motivational speakers and trainers teach this technique; it is called a Vision Board.  Attendees create a poster board of the things they want in their life.  A car.  A house.  A boat.

The idea is to then have your Vision Board in a place where you see it daily to plant the vision of these things in your mind.  Once planted, your brain finds a way to make it a reality.  You start to see paths that were previously invisible, or you simply didn’t notice before.  Presumably, eventually your vision will become your reality, your future.

The bestselling book “The Secret” described this as the Law of Attraction. The book claimed that life is energy, and like energy attracts like energy.  To attract positive energy, you must first be positive to “attract” that energy.   For example, if your desire is to have more friends in your future, then you must first become a good friend and that energy will attract good friends.

There is much more to the theory, but basically you “attract” by creating that energy, that vision, of what you want to bring into your reality.

What a wonderful concept. There is only one part missing: work. None of this really “works” unless you are willing to work at it.

Visualizing, creating the energy, or writing a script doesn’t make it a reality.  It will hopefully motivate you to seek out ways to create that reality, but at some point it will take work.

Let’s take a First-time home buyer as an example.

One day they decide that they want a home.  They begin to create the perfect home in their mind.  Some may even write it down and maybe even cut out pictures of homes from magazines that represent the kind of home they want.  Pictures of stunning kitchens, luxurious master bedrooms, family rooms, and beautiful trimmed landscaping surrounding the home.

But all the wishing and visualizing is not going to make it a reality until they first put in the work to make it happen.

It’s not just going to work to earn money.  It is going to work to understand what is necessary to purchase such a home.

What will the monthly payments be?  How much money will you need to put down to have a comfortable payment?  What kind of credit history will you need to be able to get that loan?  What are the extra costs involved, the taxes, the utilities, the insurance?

Once they have that knowledge, then they can go to work to make their vision a reality.  Once they know what the steps are they can then evaluate where they are now and what the next step is in getting the home they visualized.

Maybe they discover their credit score isn’t where it needs to be, so they go to work to get it higher.  Maybe they realize that they need to save a little more for a down payment.

The point is that just “visualizing” doesn’t make it happen, but it will keep you motivated.

This is much like the same way I created our documented approach.  Over the years I have created several documented approaches.  One for the seller who wants to cash out and move quickly.  One for the seller who has time and wants to maximize their profits.

I also have documented approaches for buyers.  First-time buyers.  Buyers who first must sell their home before purchasing another.

It all starts with knowing and understanding the vision of my client.  It is the key to making their vision their reality.  Then I help them to map out the steps needed to create their new reality.

By having the systems, procedures and processes in place we make it look easy.  But it takes work, and a good vision. And before you know it, The Future is Here.

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