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The #1 Negotiation Tip When Selling Your Home. Well over the last 11+ years of being on the retail side of real estate, I can tell you I have seen some crazy things in this industry.


One of the hardest things for sellers to do is to let us do the talking for them. That’s what you hired us for! And it is one reason I advise my client’s NOT to talk with the buyer or buyers’ agent, at least until the final walk-thru. You may think you’re just being nice, but you never know what you may say, that could actually kill the deal or end up costing you an enormous amount of money.

Negotiations are another key factor you must keep in mind when selling your home. So you want to hire an agent who has had extensive training in negotiations. For over 35 years I have been negotiating for my clients.

And everything matter when negotiating, like the type of words that you say, or your tone, or how quickly you answer a question, any one of those things can drastically affect the outcome of negotiations.


Not all agents however, are created equal. Just because your brother, your sister, or an aunt, got their real estate license a year ago and they are going to discount their commission by a percent or two, BEWARE, that 1% savings over here can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars due to lack of experience, knowledge and know how.


So, the #1 best tip for negotiating the sale of your home is to hire a Professional. Go to somebody who is full time, takes their job seriously, and is an experienced negotiator.

If you’re following along in this series, in the next blog & video we’re going to talk about pricing your home. So follow us on YouTube to get alerts for the next video. 

Please reach out with any questions or if you are looking to sell your home. We can guide you through the entire sale from when the sign goes up in your lawn, to marketing it online to thousands of people, all the way until we hand over the keys to the new buyer and help place you into your new home.


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