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I am so grateful that I didn’t lose my eye…

My first thought was that I lost my eye! I had no idea what had just happened but I couldn’t see out of my eye.

It was about 6:30am on Wednesday morning, I had pulled into the parking lot at the Sycuan Golf course and was getting ready for a quick round of golf with the Ladies Club.

I like to play early so I can still get to work before noon. There were only a few cars in the parking lot and they were up near the front. I like to park in the back near the exit so it is easier to get out when I’m ready to leave.

As I pulled out my clubs then my cart. Those carts can be a little tricky to unfold and this morning mine was giving me a little trouble. I had pushed the little button but still it was not unfolding. I gave it a good pull and . . .

The lights went out in my right eye.

I had no idea what had just happened but I could see I was bleeding profusely. I looked around, there was no one. I was alone at the edge of the parking lot.

It all happened quickly from there. I grabbed the first thing I could find out of my trunk to cover my eye, which I later realized was a pair of socks. As I shoved the golf cart back in I saw the part that holds the golf bag on is a bungee cord, with a big round buckle on the end.

It must have been stuck and when I tried to pull it open it snapped up and hit me in the eye.

I saw across the parking lot a man in a golf cart picking up one of the ladies with her bag, I tried to flag them down but they didn’t see me. I ran half way across the lot to cut them off, when I reached them they both had a look of horror on their face.

“Are you ok?” they both quickly asked.

By that time, I had already figured out that my eyeball was intact, but I didn’t know how bad the cuts were. They offered to help, to call an ambulance, to take me in but I just wanted to go home.

I tried to call home but there was no answer. I tried a second time, no answer.

So I jumped in my car and with one hand I kept the eye covered with the pair of socks and with the other hand I drove home.

My head was throbbing!

I looked in the mirror as soon as I could. I was lucky. I am so grateful that I didn’t lose my eye. The buckle had hit me across the bridge of my nose and just above the eye below the eye brow. Less than a 1/2 of an inch from my eyeball.

Everything happens for a reason and there are several lessons I learned that day.

  1. Don’t just try to muscle thru, step back and reassess first.
  2. Check the settings on your phone. Patty didn’t answer when I called home because her phone was set on alarm which silences ALL calls and alerts so you are not disturbed until your alarm goes off. There is a setting which allows the phone to ring if someone calls twice within 3 minutes. If someone calls twice that quickly it is likely an emergency.
  3. Stop procrastinating. As I laid on the couch the rest of the day with an ice pack and ibuprofen I thought of things I had been putting off such as getting my trust paperwork completed. Life can change in a FLASH and it would be devastating to my family if it had been worse.
  4. Enjoy life. Enjoy your good health and don’t take unnecessary chances.

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