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House Versus Home

According to the dictionary, the word ‘house’ means; “a building for human habitation.” It sounds cold, but a ‘house’ is a physical structure, a place where people live. A ‘house’ can be big or small, some have more bedrooms or bathrooms, some have more land than others. It’s a house.

A ‘home’ on the other hand is much more. It has meaning. It has memories.

A house becomes a home when people have lived there and have created feelings, emotions. For instance, I have not lived in my childhood house in Illinois for many, many years yet it is still ‘home’ because of the feelings and memories I have for it.

When working with buyers, I am quick to remind them as we view properties that it is they who will make the house their home. No one can do it for them. It is they who will create that emotional attachment by adding their color palette, their furniture, their pictures. As they create memories they will ultimately make that house their home.

I also remind them that until it becomes their home, it is still just a house. A physical building made of wood or stone or brick. Which is why I caution them to remain objective until we have completed our due diligence, home inspections and appraisal to name a couple.

Once we have completed the transaction and closed escrow then it is time to celebrate and start making the house a home.

With sellers, it is a different story. We are coming at the same physical structure from the exact opposite direction. It is a different mindset, I must convince them to view their ‘home’ as a ‘house.’

We all take pride in our homes. The longer someone has lived there, the more pride, more memories, and more emotions are made.

But to the home buyer it is just a house. It is a “product’ to be viewed objectively.

When isn’t a house a home?

When it’s for sale.

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