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How is a black eye like a home inspection??

Last week I shared with you the story of how I got my black eye.

I did end up going to the emergency room when I started to see little floaties in my vision a couple of days later. That was just as I started to get a beautiful rainbow of colors around my eye and nose.

The emergency room doctor checked my vital signs; blood pressure, pulse, temperature and then checked out my eyes. The doctor explained to me that while it looks ok, they were going to send me up to the Ophthalmologist to make sure there were no issues. Luckily there weren’t.

On Monday as I was heading out to meet our Home Inspector at our newest escrow in Chula Vista, I realized that going to a home inspection is much like going to the doctor for my eye.

A home inspector is the equivalent of a general medical doctor.

Their job is to do that preliminary check up on the house. They have, or should have a good working knowledge of the major components of a house; the roof, the electrical system, the plumbing, etc.

Just like the ER doctor, they will provide a record of items that appear to be in good working condition and those that do not meet industry standards for workmanship and building codes.

If they identify an area of concern they will make a recommendation to have a specialist look at the issue. For instance, if they look at the roof and see missing shingles or other possible issues they will recommend that a professional licensed roofer be called in to check it out.

While I don’t recommend getting a black eye, I do strongly recommend always getting a home inspection before purchasing a home.

It can save you or at least make you aware of any issues that can cost THOUSANDS of dollars in the future.

Be safe out there,


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