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ARTICLE BY: Maggie Clemens


Be careful what you wish for . . .

In the movie 13 going on 30, Jennifer Garners’ character is 13 years old and hates her life. She wishes to be grown up and falls asleep. She wakes up as a 30-year-old woman and must quickly learn how to navigate life as a grown up. It’s not long before she regrets that wish and wants to be 13 again.

That happened to me a few Thanksgivings ago.

Being single I didn’t cook much, especially big holiday meals. I was invited to spend the day with my friend and her family. In anticipation, I didn’t eat at all that day. I waited for what I knew was going be a great meal.

Unfortunately, I ate so much that when I noticed a nice unoccupied recliner in the corner I decided I would take a little nap.

By the time my friend woke me up the dishes had been washed, the house cleaned up and only a few members of her family were still there.

I was embarrassed and realized that I had received exactly what I had wished for – a great home cooked meal. In retrospect, I wish that I had enjoyed the company more than the food.

We all have stories where we wished for something and got it, then wished we hadn’t wished it into reality.

That is what’s happening in the real estate market now.

For months, years actually, we have been experiencing the lowest home inventory in our history. Many of us, buyers, sellers and agents alike have been “wishing” for more inventory.

Each for our own reasons.

Home buyers wished for more inventory so they didn’t have to compete with multiple offers. Overpaying for their 2nd or even 3rd choice home because they lost their first choice to a cash buyer, they wished that they didn’t feel so pressured.

Most sellers were loving the lack of inventory until they went to look for a replacement home and found that there wasn’t much selection. They too wished for more inventory so they had a bigger selection.

For me as an agent, I wished for more inventory to be able to help my clients get the very best possible price on their new home.

We all got exactly what we wished for.

While many don’t see this as a good thing, this is in fact a great time in real estate . . . depending on your goals.

Many were wishing but not planning on what the market would look like when it happened.

The key is thinking 2 and 3 steps ahead and having a plan when our wishes come true.

Let’s take this one more step,

If we truly do get what we wish for, why not wish for something like….

World Peace?


We just might get it.

Happy Thanksgiving, Be well.


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