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Hi, my name is Maggie. . .

My focus is always on the story and goals of my clients’ therefore, I don’t usually share much of my own story. Yet, a few clients have asked, so here it is…
I was born and raised in the Chicago area. It was not an ideal childhood but I survived and joined the Navy as soon as I turned 18 years old with a goal of getting my college degree.
My first orders sent me to San Diego, I was a little upset as I had wanted to go overseas and see the world, not to the West Coast. I had never even heard of San Diego. 
But, as soon as I got off the plane I was in awe!  The weather was beautiful, the view of the harbor as I exited the airplane  I felt like I was stepping into a movie.
My friend picked me up at the airport and drove me thru the city. Going up Laurel St thru Balboa Park and coming to a stop in front of the fountain near Park Blvd.  It was all very surreal to this semi-city girl.  I knew in my heart, that very first night in San Diego, that I was home!
For almost 5 years I was stationed at what was then NAS Miramar as an aviation electrician. While serving, I obtained my B.S. in Computer Science.  I worked in the Defense Industry when I left the Navy for about 3 years.  I came to realize that sitting behind a desk all day was not my calling. 
As I started considering other career options my brother-in-law suggested car sales. What started out as a temporary job, while I was looking for “my career”, lasted 25 years! Being a low-key introvert with the heart of a teacher I was not your typical salesperson that most had experienced at a car dealership. This led to many referrals and repeat clients. Many have now chosen to become real estate clients. 
So, why does someone leave a successful career and go “into” real estate? Great question!  The simple answer is because I had always wanted to be in real estate. 
When I purchased my first condo in North Park, at the age of 25, I became hooked on real estate.  It became a Passion.  I have followed San Diego Real Estate ever since. I have bought and sold several homes all over San Diego County.  I didn’t use the same agent twice but only because none had kept in touch.  I had some good experiences and I had some bad experiences.
Taking a leap of faith, I decided to switch careers. It meant working in an area that I have always been passionate about –San Diego Real Estate
Building a business isn’t always easy but every day I am excited to go to “work”… I am a lucky person!
There are 3 things that I want people to think of when they think of me or my company: Integrity – Innovation – Impact
Integrity – Doing the right thing is not something to think about, it just is.  We are honest in our transactions and fierce in our protection of our clients.
Innovation – We are moving into the future – we are not staying in the past.  We are always searching for ways to make our business better, smoother, easier for our clients.
Impact – Everything we do in business is to serve a higher purpose. To have Impact.  Impact thru our Community, our Philanthropy, our Example.  Leaving a legacy of Impact is my highest goal.  


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